Our Story

Native Roots is an ancestral folk and indigenous medicine school. Teachers focus sharing healing modalities from the tradition that they come from on self care and community health. Each individual becomes ready in their own timing to practice the tools that they learn be it on themselves or their loved ones or the people that come to seek them. Because of that we do not train people to become practitioners or shamans and we ask that our students do not self proclaim. Native Roots teachers are dedicated practitioners, leaders, and teachers within their own community. They all walk the medicine path they were called. We aim to make classes available to all local community members and offer work trades and scholarships. New Mexican tribally affiliated members are welcome to attend classes on a by-donation basis.

The founder of Native Roots Morgaine Witriol grew up embraced by Latino community and culture. Naturally she found herself in her younger 20s in the rainforest of Belize apprenticing for 8 months with a Mayan medicine man Don Heriberto Cocom who’s expertise was in using herbal medicines to heal people. After his passing she felt strongly that it was important to honor the elders that still carry the way of the traditional healing modalities so that the knowledge did not disappear. Mr. Cocom always said that the knowledge was worth more than the medicine itself. He believed that the knowledge of the plants was meant to be shared by anyone willing to earn the knowledge. After 2 years of study to become a clinical herbalist Morgaine started the Native Roots School. Truly it is the teachers that make all the calls she just does the grunt work of administrative things like websites. Morgaine is currently compiling information on Jewish folk medicine and herbal traditions to honor her Jewish heritage and will be teaching on it in the spring.

Native Roots hopes to bridge the generation gap, promote cultural pride and reclamation of each individual’s healing lineage and promote self empowerment through true health. We aim to hold a safe space where the elders can be honored and respected, and the students can truly go through the process of the practices they are learning. The students have an opportunity to study medicine in the context it is relevant to and classes are often taught in a non academic way. Several of the teachers have written books, and may have a masters or PhD but this is not our focus necessarily. We value the grandma healers, and the ones who carry the knowledge of many generations of their elders doing the same thing, being touch with their roots.