Chocolate, Tea & Honey Set

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Chocolate, Tea & Honey Set



Our Honey Osha has been slow infused for two days on very low heat to slow candy the osha root making a melt in the mouth perfect delight too good for sore throats and respiratory health as well as helping to prevent cold and flu. You may include one of the 3 products: healthy heart tea, herbal hot chocolate or grief tea.  

Choose 2 of the following:

Our Herbal hot chocolate is very rich and thick and tastes delicious similar to a mexican hot chocolate.  It can help to keep you healthy throughout the holiday season!  Many of the herbs are adaptogens which help your body's response to stress and increase natural vitality and energy without the caffeine crash of coffee or sugar.  

Nutty New Mexican Hot Chocolate the same as the original with piñon.  Our piñon is kept in shell because they float like marshmallows and the shells are considered medicinal.

Our Grief Tea is commonly used to support the the heart, the calming of the nerves, sooth anxiety, worry and stress, and nourish the lungs as we often hold grief in the lungs.  It can be relaxing and aide one to sleep yet also uplifting to the spirit.

Healthy Heart Tea
Formulated to keep the heart in good shape physically and emotionally with heart tonics traditionally used to prevent stroke and heart attack, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure and sooth the heart of heart break and emotional distress.  

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